Portable, on demand air purification

Portable air purification has never been simpler

Introducing the CP4, a portable air purifier designed for large commercial and industrial applications. Featuring advanced 550 mm plasma generators, the CP4 ensures efficient air purification wherever you need it, providing a breath of fresh air for your workspace.

Secure Clean Air Wherever You Go

Invest in the CP4 for unparalleled portability and industrial-strength air purification. Elevate the air quality in your large commercial or industrial space effortlessly. Contact us today to explore how the CP4 can meet your specific air purification requirements.

Key features

Portable Design

The CP4 is your on-the-go air purification solution. With its portable design, you can bring clean and purified air to different areas of your large commercial or industrial space, ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment wherever you need it.

Adjustable Fan Speed

Customize your air purification experience with the CP4's adjustable fan speeds. Tailor the airflow to meet specific needs in different environments, providing flexibility and control over the purification process. Whether you require rapid purification or a quieter operation, the CP4 adapts to your preferences for a personalized and efficient air cleaning experience.

Large commercial/Industrial Applications

Tailored for large commercial and industrial settings, the CP4 delivers robust air purification performance. Whether it's a spacious warehouse, manufacturing facility, or commercial building, the CP4 is up to the task.

550 mm Plasma Generators

Equipped with powerful 550 mm plasma generators, the CP4 harnesses advanced technology to efficiently eliminate airborne particles and contaminants. Enjoy superior air quality in your commercial or industrial space.


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