ION DS Module

Dedicated reaction chamber

Your Solution for Clean Air in Challenging Environments

Specifically designed as a reaction chamber for the ION AHU Base Module, the ION DS Module excels at extracting polluted air from demanding spaces like biogas and waste treatment tanks. With its advanced technology and robust construction, it ensures thorough purification, neutralizing odors and contaminants effectively. Experience cleaner, fresher air with the ION DS Module, your trusted ally in maintaining air quality even in the harshest conditions.

The only industrial scale, fully electric air cleaning unit on the market

Discover the future of clean air with our unique, fully electric purifier – the market's only one. Say goodbye to filters and activated carbon, hello to sustainability and efficiency. Durable, high output, and efficient, it integrates seamlessly with your current operations. Join us in redefining air purification with innovation and simplicity.


Area of cleaning

The ION DS scrubber boasts the capability to effectively tackle all known volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as all recognized sulfur and a majority of nitrogen contents, utilizing an efficient oxidizing process.


The ION DS Module comes in three sizes.

a.) Up to 5 000 m3/h raw gas

b.) 5001 - 20 000 m3/h raw gas

c.) 20 001 - 60 000 m3/h raw gas

If higher raw gas airflow is present, the system can be used in series. Contact us for a consultation.

Dry scrubbing

The ION DS module employs dry scrubbing technology for the purification process. This system utilizes oxygen plasma generated by the AHU module, accelerating the plasma within a mixing chamber. Subsequently, the accelerated plasma is mixed with the raw gas requiring cleaning, effectively neutralizing contaminants.

ION DS Module

The ION DS Module is an optional part of the IONAIRTECH system