ION Demister Module

Removing moisture seamlessly

Keep Air Streams Dry with the Ion Demister

Introducing the Ion Demister – an essential module designed to seamlessly integrate with the ION DS Module, enhancing capabilities by effectively removing moisture from airstreams. Crafted with precision from durable PE, the Ion Demister is a reliable solution for maintaining optimal humidity levels in various environments.

Controlling humidity, boosting air purification reliability.

Explore the seamless integration of our innovative solution, dedicated to maintaining ideal humidity levels while elevating the dependability of your air purification system, ensuring a consistently fresh and clean environment.


Crafted in durable PE

Engineered with precision from durable polyethylene, our Ion Demister offers lasting resilience in various environmental conditions, providing steadfast support for optimal air quality management.

Trapping water particles

The Ion Demister achieves moisture removal by effectively trapping water particles, causing them to fall out of the airstream. This process ensures that the air is left free of water, and the primary air purification unit can operate even more reliably.

Removes moisture from airstreams

By effectively removing moisture from airstreams, our Ion Demister ensures optimal conditions for the primary air purification unit to operate efficiently, maintaining high-quality air purification standards.

Drainage system

Designed for optimal functionality, the Ion Demister comes equipped with a drain system to manage excess water flow efficiently, often connected to a nearby water drain or water tank. This feature ensures that any accumulated moisture is effectively removed from the system, ensuring an efficient and reliable operation.

Count on the Demister Module to assist your primary air purification unit to operate flawlessly

The ION Demister Module is an optional part of the IONAIRTECH system