ION BioClean Module

Last line of defense air purification

Redundancy Air Purification Solution for Uninterrupted Operation

When critical air purification systems are offline, trust ION BioClean to safeguard your environment. Engineered as the last line of defense, as safe redundancy, ION BioClean ensures clean air in the event of any ION AHU Module downtimes, making it an essential component for uninterrupted air purification.

Uninterrupted air quality is a promise, not just a possibility.

The ION BioClean is designed for use when primary air handling units are not operational or being serviced. ION BioClean acts as a reliable backup system to maintain air quality during emergencies or service operations.



As a redundancy module we use a secondary tech to ensure uninterrupted operations during downtimes, service or any other failure in the waste management facility prior to the odor control system.

High durability

The ION BioClean is constructed with a robust steel frame, internally lined with welded PE sheets, ensuring durability. It features a drainage system for leachate water. This innovative system operates without the need for chemicals or additional water, and requires minimal maintenance, with the only task being the replacement of biomedia at intervals of up to 5 years.

Can act independently for up to 2 months

During periods of up to two months, the ION BioClean demonstrates remarkable self-sufficiency, reliably maintaining its operations without external intervention. This feature ensures consistent performance and reliability, offering peace of mind for extended periods without the need for frequent attention or monitoring.


The ION BioClean comes in two sizes.

a.) Bio20 Up to 20 000 m3/h

b.) Bio40 Up to 60 000 m3/h

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ION BioClean Module

The ION BioClean Module is an optional part of the IONAIRTECH system